July 18, 2017

At a work book group we read March, Volume 1, a graphic novel by John Lewis about the Civil Rights Movement.  I just finished Volume 2 and realized I had forgotten details, such as that protesters  had been jailed at Parchman in 1961, an institution known for the inhumanity.  Even cartoon type images of the National Guard and water hoses, and a small black child shown talking to a uniformed officer represents the approximately 1000 children jailed in Birmingham.  


While we were downtown at the library I found volume 5 in Louise Penny's Inspector Gamache novels.  This one was riveting.  I gave myself a day to read it.  The theme is greed and the results, a theme being played out in front of our eyes.  Penny's created city, Three Pines, is a place I'd love to visit.  The characters are offered drinks such as tea at every interaction and meals at the bistro...THAT's where I want to go!  The Brutal Telling explains Caesar's Shift and has Ruth, allegedly the best Canadian poet, but known to be a little daft inviting her friends over for dinner.  Her soup contains all her favorite things, including gummy bears.


The third, Still Life with Bread Crumbs, is a playaway (an audio book about the size of a wedge of cheese from the library) about a photographer whose work has not continued to have demand.  Anna Quindlen's character, divorced Rebecca Winter, is responsible for paying for the residences of both her mother and father, among many other debts.  She sublets her New York apartment because she cannot afford it and goes to a rural shack.  Many things happen during her stay, wouldn'tyaknow.


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When I was young I did not get to go to the library.  Our library here in Nashville TN was voted best in the nation for good reason!  They have an adult reading program and I'm really excited to fill out my form to apply.


The middle grandgirl was speaking of her friend and how the friend did not read.  The grandgirl was encouraging her to encourage her parents to take her to the library because reading is so important.  _I_ of course was delighted.  


Actually, a special shout out to all three grandgirls.  The eldest, who will be 15 in August, has an amazing vocabulary and was reading Harry Potter in the second grade, if not first.  The middle girl just checked out a book from the art department of the library on the face in art and photography (there were facing pages of pictures of (white male) infant faces and adults.  Her oldest sister has it now and I want to see it before it is turned in.  The youngest is a rapacious reader and also has a phenomenal  vocabulary.  The middle is a reader, but her interests also turn to making innovative doll clothes and  is very athletic.  


Yesterday I went to visit friends Lisa and Doug.  They had a long list of wonderful shows on PBS or Netflix and  fabulous recommendations for books.  SIGH...seems every NPR show has two books to recommend, too.....



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