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Astounding, she sighed, how fast time goes by.

It was my hope that we would go on a vacation. We have gone to visit relatives in Columbus OH, and last year to see my brother and friends in Virginia. I haven't gotten all the details organized so we had a staycation and did local, mainly inside things. The heat is a fury!

I picked up the grandgirls on Tuesday, July 11. We went by my credit union and I got a variety of denominations of bills. I also asked the cashier to tell the girls what her job entails. Dismay when the oldest said she didn't want to work where math is involved. When we are out to eat there will be some math...a 15% tip, for example.

We went by Elliston Place Soda Shop and had a wonderful meal. A small area has been converted to a parking area for that strip of shops. Graffiti artists have drawn on the wall. I gave the girls an offer of five photographic images and Jamie took hers enthusiastically. I want them to learn to look at what surrounds them and be more selective at recording it.

They were dismayed when I told them the next stop was 615 Church. That turned to delight when I turned in at the downtown Nashville Public Library. It is one of their favorite places! We all had a good time!

Wednesday, the 12th, the youngest and I went by TSU where the air conditioning, computers, and telephone was down, to her great dismay. She did, however, get to see her favorite librarians.

We all went a Greek Street food restaurant that is new to our area. Having had a lot of hives so I had a vegetarian meal with a yogurt sauce. Alas, the youngest didn't like the sauce, or the food. The Greek ice cream was a bit sour and she didn't like that, either.

I was told of a place in Gallatin for cheap school supplies. We went there and I bought a LOT of paper, pens and all that other stuff.

We stopped by Demos and all enjoyed that.

Saturday we went to see the new Despicable Me movie and went to the nearby Shake and Steak.

In between they enjoyed watching Netflix until the early hours of the morning and sleeping late, talking to their friends on my telephone, which has no minute limit, and enjoying being their age.

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