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Today I went to see Dr. Ginger Holt who has looked at my hip. She reports there is arthritis and complications by the hardware installed when her colleague, Dr. Jennifer Halpern, removed the multiple myeloma from my left hip.

My query was whether there has been sufficient degradation to the hip to replace it. Earlier in the year I was in pain, specifically when rising from the toilet. People who "LOOKED SO YOUNG" (almost all of medical folks!) put a cortiosteroid shot and I can't say I am in pain.

Retirement plans include a move to Portland OR so the query was when to have this surgery. The grandgirls would be of great help. Or when I get to Portland I will have the time to walk in warm water and I want to also do something akin to yoga to help my agility.

Dr. Holt recommended that I postpone any action until the pain returns, as she says it will.

While there a young but very nice male, Christopher, was taking the Xrays. I asked if, in this time of technology they are still called Xrays and was told they are called this if they are not the specialized machines. Anyway, I asked Christopher what he does in his spare time. He said he and his fiance will be married 11/11/17 with about 300 invitations to be sent out. Of course I wished them a happy life and admitted my sweetie and I stood up in front of a justice-of-the peace. Chris then said he is wishing they did this too.

So, in parting, I'm delighted for all those managing big events such as a wedding, school restarting, or those with stressful jobs, good for you! Like the Little Red Hen, I'll come by to give you days of handwaving for free labor in organizations has taught me how to sit on my hands. After you pay your dues in contributing to the greater good, it's a nice thing to do.

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