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Yes, well....

Kirk is right about it not being wise to be doing many things at once. He and his father believe that one should focus and complete a task.

Meanwhile, there have been many tasks today!

My artist friend Jess Hummingbird, who was in the waiting room 40 years ago when Sara was born (and would be their godparents if we had such beliefs) is being honored by the Cherokee tribe in Talequah OK around Labor Day.

My (extraordinarily) tentative schedule:

now: clean, edit

August 11 realtor over

August 21 eclipse (anyone else going anywhere to view it?)

August 25 oldest granddaughter's birthday (15!!)

August 29 load U-haul

August 30 to Talequah OK

August 31 dinner for Jess!

September 2 wandering north and west to Portland.


This period is the Cherokee reunion and I called and (not surprisingly!) the Holiday Inn is booked.


Kirk also is proud when he doesn't drive for the day. I haven't been out yesterday or today, which has mixed blessings. He ordered a package to be delivered here and UPS indicated it would arrive yesterday. There is now time to wait for such things. When an auto door closed I hopped up to see if it was the big van, but no. And then UPS wouldn't let me in to set up an account to see where this package might be. I've been at home all day today. The weather suggestions are that the temperatures have been really hot (that's easy to ascertain!).


I'm close to getting the input and output of expenses through the credit union balanced.


I'm unsure about Part D of Social Security. Right now I have several prescriptions less than $10 and a tube that is used as needed and is $80. The Medicare person said the Humana Enhanced plan is $64.10 a month with a $47 copay each month. I don't have the deductible at hand.

The next one was 29.60 a month, with a deductible of $400 and a copay of $46!

At the moment $64.10 a month is a lot considering my meds are (I'm thankful!) $80 now and then and other minor expenses. However, there is no predicting!

Oct. 15 through Dec. 7 is the renewal period. Maybe it will all be evident by then.


It doesn't look like much in typed form, but several things are now resolved.

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