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Grownup same as the child

My mother said when I was a child I would not go to sleep in fear that I might miss something. I've just written about being sucked in by this screen as the window on world and friend's affairs. As I was closing down I realized there was no information of personal activities.

The most important: As we know, I am dreadful at estimating how much time is needed for an activity. In this vein, I was delusional in thinking about getting this sorted out and packed and leave just before Labor Day, drive to Talequah to see the Cherokee Nation honor my friend Jesse Hummingbird, head north and west to Portland.

I had sent Kirk an email with dates attached to this (simple) list. The activities could not possibly accomplished and Kirk very tactfully explained this. He is meeting with his friend's realtor next Monday and we will chat after that. He suggested I may want to think of a trip to Portland to look around. So all the former in error daydreaming has been replaced with a whole new set of problems to be considered and assimilated. I heard a wonderful TED talk recently about aging and how our consideration of problems changes. I can't think of the operative search words to open the talk.

And, since I'm not leaving, I've set up a bunch of activities for the next two weeks that will be most enjoyable, but not further my sorting behavior.

Much of last week was spent with the grandgirls. I went with Lily to see the new Emoji movie. Some of the interior dialogue was subtly aimed at adults and I found it funny. The plot...not so much, but Lily was happy.

Lily is currently happy to watch movies and can be grumbly when asked to take her plate and drinking vessel to the kitchen. However, she made up for it by making breakfast for me and bringing it to me in bed.

Jamie has been buying the stock Barbie-style doll and making outfits for them. There may be a dozen of them. We went through and each picked out which one we liked the most. I picked the somewhat like velvet maroon formal. Jamie's wound from the knife slip when she was making lemonade is still healing. The four stitches have been removed but it is still sore.

Jamie had her friend over on Friday night. They worked a lenticular 300 piece jigsaw puzzle of a school of (attractive) fish of many colors. We also did a lenticular butterfly puzzle in the past. Both came sealed from the factory and both have one piece missing.

Caitlyn is beginning her first AP course, this one in Human Geography, so she had her friend over to study. The texts look interesting.

Just like tv and movies, I am editing the excitement of doing laundry, the HUGE amount of dishes dirtied (still a stack remaining!), and the fact that (this is a comment, not a criticism) these five girls consumed an amazing amount of food.

A full day of school on Monday began to get them back into a schedule. It is now 1:23 a.m. There is no one else here but me. I'm not going to miss anything if I go to bed.

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