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So thankful to be retired!

I am so tired today! I have slept a great deal of it and am still tired, which has sometimes meant hives are going to appear. It would have been difficult to sit at a desk and be coherent.

On NPR today it was said that the estimate was that the peat in Greenland would catch on fire in 2050. Instead there are major fires burning now. "It's carbon that has accumulated over several thousands of years," one researcher told the paper last year. "If it were to be released, the global CO2 concentration would be much higher. NASA notes the fire, while not unprecedented in Greenland, still makes for an "unusual event" on an island mostly covered by ice."

I am so thankful that after ykw (you know who) removed us from the international climate treaty that others in this country have agreed to still be concerned about our world...rarely is there good news about the environment of the little ball that supports all of us.

And in further news of ykw: "I don't know who Becca Andrews is, but she writes for Mother Jones and I feel like throwing her a parade. The endless Forgotten White Working Class Trump Voters Economic Anxiety And No Racism spelunking since last November grew tiresome before Christmas. It has needed a purgative corrective for months now, and Ms. Andrews finally has delivered one."

Ms Andrews grew up in Crockett County TN. Her mother cleans houses there and her employer is a Republican. "Well, you might as well come and live with me now," the employer said. "You gonna be mine eventually." AND "Another friend assured her that it would be okay if Trump won the election because she would convince her parents to purchase Turner's family as their new slaves."

For levity I've been watching Orange is the New Black about women in prison. I'm in the latest batch released and, while I realize others may not agree, I think this is a wonderful original drama. At the moment it is (as ykw says constantly) "very, very" exciting.

Hard to decide whether to go sleep or resolve the problem on this television series.

Humorous to think that the sky turning black on Monday is comic relief.

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