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I've complained a lot about being tired. A diuretic makes me up often during the night. And, having worked at night has made me prone to getting days and nights confused.

Fortunately I was sent to see Dr. Watson. I've wandered about a number of places at the Vanderbilt hospital but hadn't been to "B," which turns out to be basement. Dr. Watson suggested a sleep apnea test. They are held at the Vanderbilt Marriott. The scheduling is tight and I was on a stand-by basis so I had taken a nap. When I got there I felt like the Frankenstein with wires all around. I fell asleep right away and except for a bathroom break was asleep all night.

I was thinking about how there are chemicals aggregated to create a "new car" smell and wondered if this room had some sort of relaxing odor infused.

Dr. Watson called yesterday to say not only do I have apnea but I also have low oxygen. At times I can feel my heart straining when I am not moving.

She suggested I get on the stand-by list again to see if my oxygen levels can be tested (again at the Marriott) and a C PAP machine prescribed, which is the process Medicare requires. I laughed out loud when she told me has them for sale!!!

After six weeks a physician must be consulted to state the C PAP has made a difference. I've just written Carol, the Portland real estate person, to ask about the teaching hospital there.

My heart doctor, who has just moved to St. Louis to start a new cardiology program, stated the hospital is transferring over to a new computer system. We all know how this process (although it looks swell on the drawing board!) can gray the hair of the implementers.

I want to contact Oregon Health Sciences to get the information from my many gallons of blood electrons transferred before the computer system sends them to the equivalent of a computer black hole.

I'm so delighted to have retired and able to sleep and wake in the odd structures of time that is my life.

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