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Well, she sighed, I suppose this is all taking place. Sometimes it seems that (about) a month left is a long time, then other times my heart goes pitty pat. I have called We Pack moving and have sent them the required first third of the payment electronically.

Paul, a moving broker, is in West Palm Beach FL so of course I had to ask about his encounter with a certain Irma. He said he has a small apartment on the beach and has been lucky to have survived fine, but the day I spoke to him was the first day back at work. In looking for another estimate I went to PODS and found they were not available due to the FL weather problems.

Paul said the moving vans will be here either Oct. 13 or 14. Kirk flies in Oct. 14. If the weather permits we will go through the Nebraska, Oklahoma corridor north and then west... they will store the "stuff" for the first month free, then it is $165 a month. Best of all, they will load & unload. Most of the folks in my birth cohort would miss work (or be in bed for an unspecified time due to back problems) after moving heavy boxes as we did in our youth for pizza and beer.

The amusing/amazing part is we don't have a house so I will spend an unknown amount of time somewhere. So far Kirk's friend with the two little kids has said I could stay with them and his friend with room upstairs. While I am enormously appreciative and look forward to them, I think since this is indefinite perhaps I shall find another place. The two boys have separate bedrooms and moving one out would create grumpiness...or it would certainly for me! I don't do stairs so well anymore she sighed.

His friend Kyle had help with finding a house from a woman named Carol, and is now helping us. She has been involved with a reading program in public schools in which she went in for perhaps two hours a week and helped two students with their reading. She has worked at Powell's the enormous book store, and now works one night a week at a smaller store.

Kirk has a car but I don't know the town, so I perceive this to be a lovely time to regroup. Amusingly, in the Lynetta fashion I don't remember taking pictures nor writing, but there have been a huge number of journals. I'd be interested in looking at them to see who I've been. There are so many things I'd LIKE to do...make greeting cards, work on genealogy of recent generations (not so much back to Adam and Eve!), work out in water (exercises as my colleague Barbara does), and, of course, go to movies with Kirk and his friends. After we get moved in I daydream (my best quality) of cooking nutritious cheap food with FEW CALORIES but great amazing taste. At last a use for the zillions of cookbooks I've accumulated....I have a short (50 pages?) on how to cook daylily blooms! Who knew!!!

In any case, anything I want to take is to be wrapped and boxed and the quantity sent to Paul. "They" (sorry to be sexist, but I imagine "they" as muscle men...I'll be interested) come to pack up big items such as beds and mirrors.

Daughter Sara has been a WHIRLWIND. I have been editing paper (this will surprise you, but I have LOTS OF PAPER!). Such interesting things have been excavated! I had put together holiday present ideas in envelopes for people, many of whom have departed this mortal coil, or I never see. LOTS of recycling of things I meant to read.

I watched the first episode of Sense8 on Netflics while sorting. I watched the first season before and am glad because the first show is a whirlwind of introductions of disparate people and situations.

I found a September/October 1992 Mother Jones. The cover story is "My Three Sons: How the Bush boys made millions by cheating taxpayers and investors--giving new meaning to the term 'family values.'" Made me snort...indeed I'm sure they made millions, but that is the proverbial drop in the bucket to the current situation with ykw and his family keeping their interest in hotels and golf courses and charging outrageous prices because it provides time with people who have power. A commentator on NPR said ykw's ratings are now south of 40%, but those who have swallowed the Kool-Aid continue to be delusional. I heard the first step in building this wall was to tear down a nature conservancy. This wall is an absolutely idiotic idea...among the many...from someone who gets his news from Fox instead of having a clue of the reality of people on this planet.

And I do admit that going to Portland is somewhat based on the crop of yahoos that are in our state legislature. I heard on NPR Oregon compiled a list of all the diseases most commonly treated and figured their health care budget could provide free care for these but no expensive items such as transplants, which makes great sense to me. Instead the feds rejected the offer to the byzantine system in force now. On a scale this state is on the complete opposite of progressive into amazing.

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