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Watching 10/22 - 11/11/17

Blade Runner 2049 in Alamo Draft House in Denver CO 10/22/17

Still dealing with the problems of the humanity of robots.

Logan Lucky Laurelhurst 10/28

Adam Driver and Channing Tatum decide to empty the huge amount the pneumatic tubes at NASCAR bring in.

Critters 3 DVD

Leonardo DiCapro's first film! Little monsters with fierce teeth are everywhere.

Lucky Hollywood Theater, Portland Halloween (Five Stars)

Harry Dean Stanton is terrific in this film about an old man dealing with his mortality. Set in a small town in the southwest, the community, the plot are charming.

Little Hours Netflix

A servant is running away from a jealous husband in the Middle Ages when he gets to a convent and is introduced to the nuns as a deaf mute.

Personal Shopper Netflix

A woman's twin dies and she tries to contact him. She is a personal shopper for a rich woman and is on a LOT of transportation texting

an anonymous person who has contacted her.

Thor Ragnarock 11/3 Roseway Theater

Greek god Thor fights Incredible Hulk to protect Asgard.

Welcome to Mooseport Netflix

Gene Hackman is a former two term US President whose wife has taken the big house in a divorce. He goes to the Mooseport, Maine home where the owner of the hardware store, Ray Romano, has neglected his fiancé, the local veterinarian. Hackman and Romano compete for Mayor.

Antonio's Line Netflix 11/8 (Five Stars)

Tower Records had a sale on rentals of foreign films and I loved Antonio's Line, but I couldn't remember the title. Kirk and the Internet identified it. It was as delightful as I remembered. Antonio has been told her mother is dying and returns to a postwar period, perhaps WW II. She brings with her a daughter, perhaps eleven years old, and they are shown doing the tasks necessary for surviving on a farm before a huge amount of machinery is used. Another favorite part: The neighbor man next door brings over his maybe nine sons and invites Antonio to marry him. She has the good sense to decline. Her sense of justice is fabulous.

Found Footage Hollywood 11/9

Two guys search for video tapes and extract small slivers for a peculiar vision of humanity. For example, a guy eats some light bulbs.

A Ghost Story Netflix 11/10

Casey Affleck and screen wife Rooney Mara move into a house where there appear to be good times and disagreements. A piano gets a share of footage. The husband is killed but returns as a sheet with eye holes to mope about. Being a ghost is not portrayed as being as much fun as you might think. He's cranky sometimes.

Marjorie Prime Netflix 11/11

Marjorie (Lois Smith) is not poor. Her house is beautiful. She can afford the services of John Hamm, who has had the memories of Marjorie's husband scanned in. Marjorie has dementia and John can get her to eat a teaspoon of peanut butter, too. Like Blade Runner, what is the role of AI in our lives? Geena Davis as her daughter and Tim Robbins as her husband.

Shot Caller Prison Netflix 11/11

Portrayed as an executive of some sort, while driving drunk he kills someone in his car and perhaps a pedestrian. Sentenced to jail, he has to show his mettle and he gets in with the wrong crowd and things go downhill from there, disappointing his family, especially his son.

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