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Watching 11/12-11/21

Wonderstruck (2017) 11/13 Hollywood

A young boy's mother won't tell him about his father. He has a bookmark with an address he thinks will connect him. A young girl has a mean father and runs away to find family in New York. In the amazing world of movies their paths cross.

Heat (1995) 11/13 Netflix

Al Pacino calls the shots at the police department to keep bad guy Robert De Niro and his group from succeeding.

Brigsby Bear (2017) 11/14 Netflix

Being held hostage and reintegrating into society is at the base of this. James had a television story about Brigsby Bear told to him.

Turns out he is a hostage, gets out and tries to convince skeptical people around him about what a great story it is.

Dracula Untold (2014) 11/18 Netflix

A the life story of a vampire a biography? This source suggests Vlad the Impaler was a good guy until his enemy in full dress chain mail demands a thousand young men to train as soldiers. Vlad had been abducted in this fashion and refuses. Not being a connoisseur of the genre the induction into the club of vampires was interesting.

What We do in the Shadows (2014) 11/18

I'm not much of a vampire movie person. This one follows the problems of three who are ancient but must blend in with modern times such as getting into clubs, and keeping the dishes done.

Wind River (2017) 11/19 Netflix

A game tracker (Jeremy Renner) ordinarily shoots wolves and other predators (which broke my heart). He finds a frozen body of a woman which begins a story of murders in heavy snow. IMDB says this was filmed in Utah so it makes sense that would be the location. Turns out he and his former wife also lost a daughter. Chilling.

Mauvais Sang (Bad Blood) (1986) 11/19 Netflix

Yet another theft movie....Nothing is safe. In a skyscraper a company has developed a "serum for diseases that is killing lovers." Marc and Hans owe money they cannot pay to an aged woman who appears in an expensive car to bark orders. Marc tracks down Alex, son of a former colleague. Alex abandons Lise, his girlfriend, joins the thieves, (IMDB) and is attracted to Marc's mistress Anna. Surprise: it's hard to steal a major development and thieves are not trustworthy.

Shattered Glass 11/20 (2003) Netflix

Wonder reporter Stephen Glass wrote for the New Republic and other major publications. Fact finders find statements are inaccurate. A building in which a big meeting he claims occurred is closed on the day he had stated. Opinion pieces are ok but articles with facts are challenged. Has Chloe Sevigny and Hank Azaria

Pixar Shorts 11/20 Netflix

The bouncing light familiar to Pixar movie watchers evolves. These short films sped up the technology of animated films. These were often designed for Toy Story, Monsters Inc. A favorite of mine is Geri's Game in which an old man play chess with himself in the park and gloats at winning. There is an audio section on the advances in animation Pixar originated.

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