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Moving On

Carol Hushman is a terrific realtor as were the two who sold the Nashville house. Carol and Jennifer have looked at what's available and sent them over electronically for us to examine. Kirk's comments for several houses was on target: "How can you put a bed in this room?" Indeed the configuration was not always the best. I also want to mention that Carol was great at telling me about the neighborhood we were in.

Saturday night was not our best. Parking at the house at which we live is an adventure. There are three spaces in the alley and four if all the drivers pull up. Kirk, owner of the second car, couldn't find the third car driver so he was a little late leaving. In addition the

alley is so very small. And there are garbage cans in this small space. Kirk accidentally hit one and broke his mirror. And because he was late he needed to get gas.

Meanwhile, in Nashville there are two fabulous craft shows in Centennial Park. The spring is juried and limited to people in Tennessee. The fall is also juried, national. Both are exquisite.

There was a craft show at the Portland Convention Center. Vanessa dropped me off, parked, and brought the car around. I am very thankful. There was an enormous amount of fabulous jewelry. There were a lot of cards, several painters but there were several vendors that wouldn't have qualified in Nashville. The best part was there was a children's area. One young entrepreneur was selling slime.

We got a really late getting started in knob turning. I was very dismayed the house I thought I loved was not a candidate. It apparently had mold and water damage. It was hidden behind two houses..

We went to see 2640 SE 109th Ave. Portland OR 97266. Typing it in will provide the details . It was the first upon which we could agree. I will have a bedroom and bathroom on the main floor and Kirk will have space to show his movies and have a bedroom on the upper floor. There is also the sort of basement that should have (and does have) labels on the jar shelves for "peas," 'peaches." Another room on the lower floor seems as if it would be cool this summer.

And then the paper lunacy goes into amazing gear. We offered, they accepted. They are moving away...the details I don't know. I think I would like them a lot.

It's a lovely little house with raised beds in the front.

In Nashville Metro Water is in charge of the equipment to their box and then the owner must pay from the sidewalk to the house. Here one must have a sewerscope! Sounds like a new film type! Anyway, I watched the sewer investigation...and it is now pasted on utube. If there are roots or other problems I'm told the city cares for it.

In the past people had huge tanks to store heating oil for the winter. Now we must have someone come scan the property to see if there is a hidden oil tank.

My tax papers are in page protectors in a binder. Alas, the 2016 began a new notebook and is AWOL. I've tried to call the IRS, but have only gotten merciless machines to resolve my account being frozen. I've just found there is an IRS here in Portland and in an area I've been around....It's on Alberta, a street known as artsy. Getting this missing tax return and two other documents will fulfill my paper can only hope.

At least this electronic signing means freedom in submitting electrically.

Best wishes!!



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